Set of 4 bolster pillows for Twin or Full or Queen size

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I would like to pay your attention to post-delivery terms. Usually, delivery takes up to 4 weeks. But sometimes, because of the covid19, delays are possible up to 8 weeks. Delivery isn’t under my control. There is no way I can make it faster. That’s why I am asking you to be patient and not to worry. Tracking system doesn’t work properly too. Canada, Australia and UK don’t allow to track parcels after they left Ukraine.As a lot of fabric manufactures didn’t work during Pandemic, not all patterns from my list are available to choose. Please, ask me about availability before ordering if there is no other pattern good for you.★ A cosy and safe sleeping place for your baby ★Quantity of bumpers: 4 (four pillows + covers for all four sides of the bed).Diameter 15cm6"Possible sizes to choose from:Twin size 90*190cm or 35*75"Twin size XL 90*200cm or 35*78"Twin size US 96*190cm or 38*75"Full size 137*190cm or 54*75"Queen size 150*200cm or 60"*80"But please, pay attention THAT bumpers for longer side will be smaller on 30cm than your bed length, because smaller bumpers has a 15cm diameter each.Bumpers length will be:Twin size 2 bumpers 35"/90cm+ 2 bumpers-63"/160cm Twin size XL 2 bumpers 35"/90cm+ 2 bumpers-67"/170cmTwin size US 2 bumpers 38"/100cm+ 2 bumpers-63"/160cmFull size 2 bumpers 54"/140cm+ 2 bumpers-63"/160cmQueen size 2 bumpers 60"/150cm+ 2 bumpers-67"/170cmIf you have big gaps between your bed and the wall or between mattress and wooden frame, than contact me before ordering to calculate your size correctly.Also, add patterns numbers from my list to your order note.These bumpers can be used in a crib, toddler (single) bed, twin bed, full size bed, montessori, tipi or house bed.Become a soft barrier between the baby's head and body and the wall. They are customized with laces to tie around the crib or bed posts.While your little one is sleeping, the round pillow is the perfect cushion that protects your little one from bumping their head against the hard edge of the bed or wall.In your toddler's bed you can use the bumper as a pillow that fills the uncomfortable gap between the bed and the wall.You can use it for a really long time. It has a removable cover. You can easily wash it without the padding.Also, you can buy an extra cover, if you change your baby's room design – or buy just the cover and fill it yourself.The cover is made from 100% cotton. It has a zipper. It is filled with hollofiber (which is also used for kids' clothing).Each bumper has few ties so you can fix it to another bumper and the bed frame.Both cotton materials are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.Please contact me if you need different length. Also, I have added the list of the patterns that I have – you can choose any one for your bumper or I can even combine a few.If you have any questions, please contact me, and I will be happy to answer them.★ Machine wash on warm 30˚. Do not tumble dry. Please, remove the outer cover and dont wah inner pillow in the washing machine. ★MY DELIVERY TERMS:From my experience delivery takes to Europe 2 weeks, delays up to 4 weeks are possible to Italy, Ireland, Israel.The rest of the world delivery takes 3-4 weeks.I have no opportunity to make delivery faster. Some delays are possible, because of the post. I cant guarantee delivery by any particular date, sorry. 4.6 (from 2800 reviews) 39.99EUR Suppliers: In stock